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Phantasmagoria issue #17 2020/21

Speaking as something of a hermit who knows very little about the world beyond my immediate bubble I was somewhat stunned by Phantasmagoria. I’ll dive right in. A well balanced and empathetic editorial from Trever Kennedy presages a cornucopia of stuff. So much stuff I have to bunch the original artwork into one comment – […]

Childe Rolande by Samantha Lee

I can only find one review for Samantha Lee’s Science Fiction novel ‘Childe Rolande’, which is surprising as it is astonishingly good on many levels. The accomplished Ursula K. Le Guin first broached the theme of androgyny in 1969 in The Left Hand of Darkness, a fascinating effort, instrumental in popularizing feminist fiction. The fact […]

Soap 7 review – over a decade late

The wonders of the internet. While trying to trace a pirate download of my SF story “Soap 7” I discovered that  it had a very favourable review in 1991. You can read it in the The Mouth of Sauron (III) June 1991 one of  the, now virtually defunct, zines of the time.

Heavenmaker or Helldiver

Over thirty years after it’s publication The Heaven Maker emerges again. The novelette is still out of print but I’m grateful to Theo Stylianides who appears to have been inspired by the final paragraph of the story to create a series of artwork and what looks – to my untutored mind – something like an […]

Dumarest Novels: E. C. Tubb

The full list of Dumarest novel titles.* Dumarest series by E.C. Tubb (Also known as Dumarest of Terra) 1 The Winds Of Gath 1967 (Publisher: ACE) 2 Derai 1968 3 Toyman 1969 4 Kalin 1969 5 The Jester At Scar 1970 6 Lallia 1971 7 Technos 1972 8 Veruchia 1973 9 Mayenne 1973 (Publisher: DAW) […]

Tales of Three Planets Edgar Rice Burroughs

An unusual collection published long after Burroughs had died. It contains four tales. Jimber-Jaw was initially published in Argosy. The rest have a colourful history. My copy is the 1969 Edition published by Canaveral Press and illustrated by Roy G. Krenkel. “The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw” (1937) “Beyond the Farthest Star” (1942) “Tangor Returns” (1964) “The […]

Dark Horizons

Dark Horizons 55 Artwork by Arthur Wang. Dark Horizons 55 has been released with fiction from Richard Ford, Naoko Awa (tr. Toshiya Kamei), Alex Davis, Mike Phillips, Alison J. Littlewood, Ian Hunter, Mike Chinn, Ralph Robert Moore, Astrid Klemz, Shaun Jeffrey, Douglas Thompson Jim Steel; poetry from Michael Fantina, Wade German and Victor D. Infante. […]