Dark Horizons

Dark Horizons 55
dark horizons 55

Artwork by Arthur Wang.

Dark Horizons 55 has been released with fiction from Richard Ford, Naoko Awa (tr. Toshiya Kamei), Alex Davis, Mike Phillips, Alison J. Littlewood, Ian Hunter, Mike Chinn, Ralph Robert Moore, Astrid Klemz, Shaun Jeffrey, Douglas Thompson Jim Steel; poetry from Michael Fantina, Wade German and Victor D. Infante.

Non-fiction by Mike Barrett, Paul Campbell and Craig Herbertson. As well as Arthur Wang, this editions features David Bezzina, Jackie Burns, Mark Pexton, Dominic Harman, John Shanks and Ally Thompson. Stephen Theaker editor.

My humble contribution is comparable to a bible-sellers spiel on the great pulp sf author E.C. Tubb. More accurately, its a request to regard the Dumarest saga as the best sf series in existence.
The print edition is out in September.