Heavenmaker or Helldiver

Over thirty years after it’s publication The Heaven Maker emerges again. The novelette is still out of print but I’m grateful to Theo Stylianides who appears to have been inspired by the final paragraph of the story to create a series of artwork and what looks – to my untutored mind – something like an internet role playing game.

The bonus is that he also appears to be a rather fab artist and he’s designed some really cool (is it okay to use ‘cool’) paraphernalia for some of the characters. There’s equipment, there’s armour and special guns.

I wonder about synchronicity and serendipity and all these tough words. I’ve never met the artist but was always fascinated by post apocalyptic and apocalyptic SF themes. My story merely charts a horrific spiritual conundrum but Theo Stylianides has transmogrified the concept and added some dandy touches. One of these touches is a Hell Diver, a sort of brutal looking genetic supersoldier very similar in style to early Space Commando game figures. These things are stalking through a vision of the devastated earth and the damned inhabitants. All looks great to me

The artwork should be here: