Buglass Family research

Buglass map of ancestors

My late brother, Keith Herbertson researched our mother’s side of the family – the redoubtable Buglass, because we were getting into some family issues and needed a specialized lawyer. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get these images to go into the correct order. (advice welcome) but to read them in order they are numbered.

Keith outlines the method used to trace records in 1990  but, perhaps of more human interest, we find that a great uncle fought in the Boer war with the Royal Scots Regiment* and another solid ancestor of a possibly more disreputable nature was a spirit dealer who essentially ran a pub on Elm Row. In 1990 this was called The Elm Bar but is now known as the Jeremiah’s Tap Room.

For those whose eyes are failing, or who haven’t worked out how to use zoom, the direct male line of descent went to my mother so:

Peter Buglass (c1820) (Northfield Parish near Coldingham)

John Buglass (c. 1851)

Frederic Towers Buglass (b. 22.18.1900)

Margaret Sandilands Buglass

*Gary Tait, a friend and expert in matters to do with the Royal Scots, passed on this piece of research:

Royal Scots

On the 7th Feb, 1900, A and B Companies, 1st Battalion Royal Scots, together with about 200 locally recruited troops, were attacked by a detachment of Boer’s at Bird River. They drove the Boer’s back losing several men. A 19 year old drummer, Davies, won the DCM. If  my great uncle got home in time to write a letter that evening he was quite likely to have been there.

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