Heaven Maker – the strategic game

Anyone purchasing ‘The Heaven Maker and other Gruesome Stories’ might be interested to know about this website


“Heaven Maker is a stunning, high-octane, sci-fi strategy game, developed and published by Smite Entertainment”

My computer slows  down and dies when I try to go anywhere near it but I’ve no doubt the least electrical device owned by young people can operate it easily enough. I’m still kind of stunned to think that a paragraph from The Heaven Maker inspired the artist, Theo Stylianides, and as a consequence no doubt the entire virtual universe – especially as this is the kind of thing I would have killed for as a kid:

As a bumbling scrawler myself  I take my hat off to Theo Stylianides but readers should be warned that the universe of my Heaven Maker is very different from his, and much more prosaic and earthly.

What is interesting though is that I originally conceived of The Heaven Maker’ as a novel and tried very hard to write an accurate description of Hell and the angels of Hell – I found that impossible and now along comes this – perhaps an indication that certain ideas are better served by other media- brilliant.