The Pan Book of Horror Stories reissued

Johnny Mains, king of cult horror has pulled off another coup. Johnny’s breathtaking enthusiasm for the genre, and for the Pan Book of Horror Stories in particular, has finally earned him perhaps the ultimate accolade for a fan; his name will appear as the writer of the foreword for Herbert Van Thal’s definite horror book.

The book that launched the longest running British Horror anthology and defined the lives of several generations of horror fans is now being reissued – this in spite of the political correctness that seems to fester like a stain on the modern world.

It’s a major horror event and would never have occurred had it not been for the dogged efforts of Johnny Mains who sought out, interviewed, badgered, befriended and bemused many of the original authors, artists and staff of Pan. This was a mighty task and it took a mighty man to garner and collate the wealth of information that doubtless led to the publication of a much loved series. Hearty and well deserved congratulations. It’s nice to see someone’s favourite nightmare realised.