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Phantasmagoria issue #17 2020/21

Speaking as something of a hermit who knows very little about the world beyond my immediate bubble I was somewhat stunned by Phantasmagoria. I’ll dive right in. A well balanced and empathetic editorial from Trever Kennedy presages a cornucopia of stuff. So much stuff I have to bunch the original artwork into one comment – […]

Twenty five Published Short Stories, Two Novels and One Collection

Well, that’s it so far. I’m not sure how to proceed. I’ve been delighted with the small success I’ve had in getting things published, not least the latest two – ‘The Other House, the Other Voice’ in ‘Terror Tales of the Scottish Highlands’  edited by Paul Finch and ‘Envelopes’ in Kitchen Sink Gothic’ edited by […]

Screaming Dreams

Delighted to announce that Screaming Dreams are going to publish their classic “The Screaming Book of Horror” in some dandy new formats. The collection featuring numerous stunningly good horror writers also includes my story ‘The Iron Cross.’ Further developments to come.

The Screaming Book of Horror: Available now!

The Screaming Book of Horror launched at FantasyCon will rapidly sellout so I suggest you go for it quick. This volume contains such a sterling range of talent it is somewhat embarrassing to see my name there. The who’s who of authors includes the all-time SF great, the late John Brunner and Charlie Higson of […]

Screaming Dreams

I have two horror stories coming out in September. ‘The Mall’ and ‘The Iron Cross’. ‘The Iron Cross ‘will be appearing in ‘The Screaming Book of Horror’, edited by John Mains. It’s worth pointing out that it contains a star studded cast and at the moment you can get it a bit cheaper by pre-ordering […]

Back from the Dead wins BFS Award

I’m delighted to say that Noose & Gibbet’s  Back From The Dead: The Legacy Of The Pan Book Of Horror Stories won ‘Best Anthology’ in the British Fantasy Society’s 2011 British Fantasy Awards. My own story ‘The Waiting Game’ was included amongst a star studded cast so I am chuffed to be part of a […]

With Deepest Sympathy. Johnny Mains. Realtime Review

I’ll try to avoid them but their may be inadvertent spoilers: With Deepest Sympathy by Johnny Mains. Here we have Fourteen Tales of the odd and twisted and a foreword and afterward by two well respected authors in the genre. Perhaps Johnny Mains’ name was not in the collective imagination of the Horror public a […]

The Pan Book of Horror Stories reissued

Johnny Mains, king of cult horror has pulled off another coup. Johnny’s breathtaking enthusiasm for the genre, and for the Pan Book of Horror Stories in particular, has finally earned him perhaps the ultimate accolade for a fan; his name will appear as the writer of the foreword for Herbert Van Thal’s definite horror book. […]