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Lin Carter, Edgar Rice Burroughs, George R.R. Martin and the Fantasy Dilemma

It’s difficult to express why I like ‘Jandar of Callisto’ It’s obviously not a very good book: an unashamed pastiche of Edgar Rice Burroughs ‘Princess of Mars’, with poor or variable writing at times, unconvincing characters and some awkward dialogue. Perhaps the best way to express this is by comparison with Burroughs himself and a […]

Tales of Three Planets Edgar Rice Burroughs

An unusual collection published long after Burroughs had died. It contains four tales. Jimber-Jaw was initially published in Argosy. The rest have a colourful history. My copy is the 1969 Edition published by Canaveral Press and illustrated by Roy G. Krenkel. “The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw” (1937) “Beyond the Farthest Star” (1942) “Tangor Returns” (1964) “The […]