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The Pan Book of Horror Stories reissued

Johnny Mains, king of cult horror has pulled off another coup. Johnny’s breathtaking enthusiasm for the genre, and for the Pan Book of Horror Stories in particular, has finally earned him perhaps the ultimate accolade for a fan; his name will appear as the writer of the foreword for Herbert Van Thal’s definite horror book. […]

The Seventh Black Book of Horror

Just reading the proofs for my story which will be included in The Seventh Black Book of Horror, edited by Charles Black. Not sure exactly when the new Black Book of Horror will be released but this is a tremendously exciting prospect given the high quality and positive critiques of the last volumes. More to […]

The Thinking Man’s Crumpet 3#

there is some eerie quality about Karataš’ work that defies analysis.

Filthy Creations 6#

As if the editor Rog Pile had nothing else to do but astound, this edition of Filthy Creations 6# begins the serialisation of two novels. Sendings by David A Riley and The Death Tableau by, yours truly, Craig Herbertson


Craig Herbertson Welcome to Heavenmakers loosely named after my first mainstream publication, ‘The Heaven Maker’. This horror story appeared in the ‘29th Pan Book of Horror Stories’ and the original was typed out on an Mechanical desktop typewriter. These large metal edifices have been consigned to museums; perhaps they better make room for me there […]

Published works

Fantasies The Death Tableau (2015) Black Horse Books School: The Seventh Silence (2005) Editor: Storm Constantine Immanion press Novelettes The Heaven Maker (1988) Editor: Clarence Paget The 29th Pan Book of Horror Short Stories Soap 7 (1990) Editor: Dave W Hughes:  Works 7 The Glowing Goblins (1992) Editor: Nik Morton Auguries 16 Under the Moons […]