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Filthy Creations 6#

As if the editor Rog Pile had nothing else to do but astound, this edition of Filthy Creations 6# begins the serialisation of two novels. Sendings by David A Riley and The Death Tableau by, yours truly, Craig Herbertson

Fourth and Fifth Black Books of Horror

I’m grateful to David A.  Riley for pointing out that the fourth and fifth Black Books of Horror (editor Charles Black) had many honourable mentions in Ellen Datlow’s best horror of the year. Here are the authors mentioned: Herbertson, Craig “Leibniz’s Last Puzzle,” The Fifth Black Book of Horror. McGachey, Daniel M.“’And Still Those Screams […]

Noose and Gibbet Publishing

After the success of ‘Back from the Dead’ Johnny Mains is going from strength to strength. Anyone who has the vaguest inclination towards Horror should check out this excellent website Noose and Gibbet Publishing where you will likely be terrified out of your wits. There should be a son of ‘Back from the Dead’ walking […]

World Horror Conference 2010

World Horror Conference 2010 I’ve just about recovered from this marvelous event, held in the UK for the first time in Brighton where the chips are normally good and there is a pier. My adventures were mainly concerned with two publications John Mains (ed.) – Back From The Dead: The Legacy Of The Pan Book […]