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Reflections on 2010

2010 was a busy year for me. I was fortunate to have two shorts published in the Black Books of Horror edited by Charles Black: ‘Spanish Suite’ in ‘The Sixth Black Book of Horror’ and ‘New Teacher’ in ‘The Seventh Black Book of Horror’ and another ‘The Waiting Game’ Edited by John Mains in ‘Back […]

The Seventh Black Book of Horror: Editor Charles Black

Charles Black, consummate dungeon master of Hell’s naughty minions, has announced the contents of The Seventh Black Book of Horror. What an honour to be there amongst some of the foremost Horror writers. And look at this for a cover by Paul Mudie Details forthcoming about where to get a hold of this piece of […]

The Seventh Black Book of Horror

Just reading the proofs for my story which will be included in The Seventh Black Book of Horror, edited by Charles Black. Not sure exactly when the new Black Book of Horror will be released but this is a tremendously exciting prospect given the high quality and positive critiques of the last volumes. More to […]

Fourth and Fifth Black Books of Horror

I’m grateful to David A.  Riley for pointing out that the fourth and fifth Black Books of Horror (editor Charles Black) had many honourable mentions in Ellen Datlow’s best horror of the year. Here are the authors mentioned: Herbertson, Craig “Leibniz’s Last Puzzle,” The Fifth Black Book of Horror. McGachey, Daniel M.“’And Still Those Screams […]

Published works

Fantasies The Death Tableau (2015) Black Horse Books School: The Seventh Silence (2005) Editor: Storm Constantine Immanion press Novelettes The Heaven Maker (1988) Editor: Clarence Paget The 29th Pan Book of Horror Short Stories Soap 7 (1990) Editor: Dave W Hughes:  Works 7 The Glowing Goblins (1992) Editor: Nik Morton Auguries 16 Under the Moons […]