The Heaven Maker and other Gruesome Tales

A very pleasing review by Stewart Horn of the BFS.

‘The title story is probably the highlight: a grand epic told in a few short chapters about a man trying to rescue his wife from Hell. Reminiscent of Machen’s ‘Great God Pan’ in tone.’

‘Overall, a satisfying read. A well written mix of the literary, the trashy and the darkly humorous. A fine addition to any horror lover’s library.’

Any comparison to Machen brings out a large ‘hurrah’ from me.

And another review from Matthew Baker of Shattered Ravings (love that blog title)

‘The minute I laid eyes on the title, I knew I had to read this book. I didn’t know what a ‘heaven maker’ was or why it might be gruesome, but the mystery of these questions drew me in. I’m very glad I gave this one a shot, too… author Craig Herbertson has a vivid imagination rife with brutal originality and terrifying concepts. If you’re a fan of short horror fiction, put this book on your Must Own list.’

Must admit I put ‘must own’ in bold myself.

‘Herbertson pulls the reader into each story from the beginning and then delivers a sucker punch when it is least expected.’

Is it entirely human to feel chuffed when people like what you write? Makes you think you’ve done something worthwhile.