China Agreement With Vatican

Two years later, it should be possible to take this into account in an improved climate of understanding and increasingly friendly relations. Pope Francis hopes that by building trust and friendship, sincere dialogue will improve relations between Rome and Beijing and open new doors, not only in the religious field, but also on global issues such as peace, climate change and human rights. The next two years will show how far China is willing to follow this path with the Holy See. The announcement extended by two years a landmark 2018 agreement that ended decades of power struggle for the right to appoint bishops in China, despite concerns about religious freedom and human rights in the country. Zen criticized the Vatican`s decision, which was issued on October 22, the renewed text of the agreement was kept secret, as was the case with the original act. The Vatican has vigorously defended the deal in recent weeks, after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo publicly criticized it and asked the Holy See not to extend it. The issue of episcopal appointments has long weighed on relations between the Vatican and China, with the Holy See insisting on the Pope`s divine right to appoint successors to the apostles, and Beijing views these appointments as a foreign violation of its sovereignty. In September, Pompeo angered some of the Vatican`s top officials, including those negotiating with the Chinese, by publicly asking the Church to halt talks with China in order to preserve its moral prestige.

The fact that he chose a conservative Christian magazine that criticized the pope for expressing his complaints did not elicit much sympathy among Church leaders. The continuation of the agreement and cooperation between the two states have led some Vatican experts to see it as a decisive step towards diplomatic relations with Beijing, which could mean that the Vatican is severing relations with Taiwan. Sources close to the Pope told America that Francis was aware of the criticism of the Holy See`s approach to China and that he remained informed of the deeply disturbing situation there, as regular raids on religion and the repression of human rights continue, but he is convinced that the path to change lies in dialogue and trust-building with China`s leaders. Not through confrontation. The agreement, she argued, is “exclusively the question of the appointment of bishops” and does not address other topics “that still concern the Church.” This measure should weigh more heavily on the Vatican-United States. .