Reddit License Agreements

Anyway, does anyone want to check Reddit`s user agreement with me on a slow Saturday? It could be fun. reddit is made available “as we see” and without any guarantee. To the extent permitted by law, we and our affiliates and third parties refuse any express or implied guarantee, including (but not limited) to tacit guarantees of accessibility, suitability for a particular purpose and non-violation of property rights, or any other guarantee, condition, guarantee or oral or electronic guarantee. You are solely responsible for damage to your computer or mobile device, loss of use or loss of content from your user. We do not guarantee that reddit always works properly. If so, should reddit “give us permission” to access content and set rules for its use? I don`t know. You can also participate in our reddit gold premium membership program by paying a monthly or annual fee or if someone offers you a subscription. This user agreement applies to reddit gold members. reddit gold does not grant any benefits other than those listed here, it is not a currency, it is a service based on membership, and its functions may change in the future. Again the default language. It is interesting to think about all the licenses that reddit has in terms of content and other potential ideas. You`ll find a starting point in the license agreement on the thought photo pages.

You usually put it pretty clear – although their probably overkill for your situation, it will help you make sure you haven`t neglected anything. Upon receipt of a counter-disclosure, we will forward them to the complaining party and inform them that we will restore your content within 10 business days. If this party does not inform us that it has taken legal action to give your use of this content on reddit before this deadline elapses, we will consider restoring your user content to the site. We reserve the right to monitor reddit and your use of the service means that you accept such monitoring. At the same time, we do not guarantee that we will monitor. Once your target audience (and your sales) are high enough, you may have more influence in licensing agreements. Companies are more likely to take a chance on your invention and sign licensing agreements with you. You agree to rid us of any claim, claim and damage (in fact and logically) of any kind, known and unknown, disclosed or not, of or in any case related to your use of reddit. Copyright AgentReddit, Inc.1455 Market Street, Suite 1600San Francisco, CA You retain the rights to your copyrighted content or the information you transmit to reddit (“User Content”), except as described below. Language by default, but it`s amusing to point out that reddit reserves the right to suspend use of the site for any reason.

Only it is possible to show that reddits ideologically promote the open and free expression of ideas is precisely that, an ideology. “Compensation is actually a way of saying that you will reimburse reddit and its lawyers for any claim imaginable based on your use of the site, in any way possible.” That`s better. By transmitting the user`s content to reddit, you grant us a free, unlimited, irrevocable, non-exclusive, complete, global license for the production, preparation of derivative works, distribution of copies, execution or public display of your user content in any media and for any use, including for commercial purposes, and to authorize others.