Asean Sps Agreement

During the workshop, participants were initiated by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the International Convention on Plant Protection (IPPC) and Codex Alimentarius (Codex), as well as the collection of internationally recognized food standards, the SPS Convention and international standards. During the break-out sessions, AMS participants also shared the various challenges and possible recommendations on the application of these international standards and guidelines. Where a party believes that a health or plant health measure affecting the exchanges between it and another contracting party justifies further discussions, it may request, through the contact points, a detailed explanation of the health or plant health measure and, if necessary, request consultations to resolve any specific issues arising from the application of the health or plant health measure. The other party responds promptly to all requests for such declarations and, upon request, initiates consultations within 30 days of the date of the application. The parties to the consultations strive to reach a mutually satisfactory solution within sixty days of the date of the request or by a timetable agreed by mutual agreement between the parties. If the consultations are not resolved, the matter will be forwarded to the joint committee of the free trade agreement. any plant, plant product or other object or material that may harbour or spread pests; protect human or animal life or health or public health on the territory of the contracting party from risks from additives, contaminants, toxins or pathogens found in food, beverages or feed; This protocol will enter into force as soon as the instruments for ratification or acceptance by all contracting parties are tabled with the Secretary-General of ASEAN. Notwithstanding the obligations of the parties set out in this protocol, each party can take and implement appropriate emergency measures on its territory in the event of outbreaks of outbreaks and pests, and the party implementing these measures immediately informs the parties concerned and the ASEAN secretariat of specific measures and covered products.