The Heaven Maker and other Gruesome Tales

Delighted to say that Noose and Gibbet will be releasing my first short story collection, ‘The Heaven Maker and other Gruesome Tales’. The book launch will be at Pulp Fiction in my home town, Edinburgh, on the 8th November, 2013.

To celebrate this extraordinary event I will be posting pictures of the cover and various details as it is created by the cover artist – Brian Keeley. Brian has spent some time working on conception for the painting, musing originally on some excellent photographs by Christian Potter and also his personal knowledge of me from various parts of our mutual history (mostly involving beer.) Naturally, I tried to persuade Brian to romanticise my haggard visage and beef up the good looks. As you will see he’s ignored me completely.

So to see the first practical glimmerings of an artist’s ideas, straight from the pallete, sign up here:

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