Des lewis Competition

Des Lewis is throwing a dice in this scam of a gambling whizz. Read below and if you like your weirdtongue weird have a look

Des Lewis wordsmith extraordinaire has decided to give some books away for a dread price – only a little piece of your soul;  he tells it in his own words here

Treasures from an Unfair Lottery

Posted on June 12, 2011 by nullimmortalis

I have a number of old editions of NEMONYMOUS anthology books, four remaining copies of the out of print WEIRDMONGER (now worth quite a lot if signed), a few spare of my contributor copies of the new novel NEMONYMOUS NIGHT, and AGRA ASKA and ONLY CONNECT…all available to be signed by me, if required.  All free, if you’re lucky in a no-rules, no health-and-safety enterprise. No catches or swindles. Just my arbitrary decision based on secret dice throws. Well, you know me.  You have possibly nothing to lose but  something to gain.

If you are prepared to chance your arm with the Synchronised Shards of Random Truth & Fiction, please convey your requirements in this lottery of fate. The only thing you will be asked to pay by paypal is shipping – IF you are unlucky.

My email for your deals or no deals.

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