BFS Awards

The British Fantasy Awards have come up again this year and I’m somewhat delighted to see that four collections with a tentative link to me are on the long list. The worthies are

Back From The Dead: The Legacy Of The Pan Book Of Horror Stories – Johnny Mains – Noose & Gibbet which contains my tale ‘The Waiting Game’

Paragenesis: Stories of the Dawn of Wraeththu – Storm Constantine – Immanion – Storm is a prolific and brilliant author> She is a fine and exacting editor as I discovered when she edited my Novel, ‘School: The Seventh Silence.’

And two of the classic Black Books of Horror:

Seventh Black Book Of Horror, The – Charles Black – Mortbury
Sixth Black Book Of Horror, The – Charles Black – Mortbury

Which both feature a tale by me.

So, if you’re a member you can vote here:

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