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Des lewis Competition

Des Lewis is throwing a dice in this scam of a gambling whizz. Read below and if you like your weirdtongue weird have a look Des Lewis wordsmith extraordinaire has decided to give some books away for a dread price – only a little piece of your soul;  he tells it in his own words […]

Fantasy Quotes

A page devoted to pompous and weighty aphorisms invented by me On Theatre “Graves are doubtless cold but a silent auditorium generates a chill exponential to the hopes of the dwindling performance” On Genre “When genre writing grows popular with the intelligentsia it dies as literature” ‘Hard Science Fiction is the realists’ attempt to give […]

David Lindsay: A plea for help

David Lindsay, author of A Voyage to Arcturus and other speculative works failed in his lifetime to gain the reputation he deserved. A very small band of folks love his work (You’ll find an excellent site here) The big question for me concerns the manuscript of A Voyage to Arcturus. It was substantially cut […]

E. C. Tubb: obituary

Sadly, I learned today that Edwin Charles  Tubb, the British sf author  died in his sleep on the 10th September, 2010. Tubb was the author of over 140 novels and 230 short stories and novellas. He was best known for The Dumarest Saga, an epic science-fiction saga set in the far future where mankind has […]

Emphyrio: Jack Vance (1969)

I always have difficulty categorising Vance. Essentially, if you write about space you’re writing SF but if you write in luxurious prose and inhabit your world with Lords, Ladies, puppet theaters and castles you have, to an extent, become a fantasist. therefore I’m going with the idea of fantasy. This is one of the best, […]

The Thinking Man’s Crumpet 4#

‘The Thinking Man’s Crumpet’ is edited by Coral King. It was originally, set up as a small press magazine for emerging female talent but it seems that a similar metamorphosis has occurred that sociologists witness in school playgrounds. The boys fill up the available space while the girls sit in the corner. Fortunately, Anna Stephens […]

School: The Seventh Silence reviewed

This for me is a particularly pleasing review because it’s by a favourite author, Rog Pile. “…a grotesque and beautifully written book, which shows the working of a fine mind, and really you owe it to yourself to collect a copy for your bookcase.” Rog Pile Full review is here: Filthy Creations Immanion Press have […]


Craig Herbertson Welcome to Heavenmakers loosely named after my first mainstream publication, ‘The Heaven Maker’. This horror story appeared in the ‘29th Pan Book of Horror Stories’ and the original was typed out on an Mechanical desktop typewriter. These large metal edifices have been consigned to museums; perhaps they better make room for me there […]

E.R. Eddison and David Lindsay

At the age of ten my teacher told me to pick a book from the basket. Perhaps it was this new vista of choice that started it all off. It was a green book with little snow capped mountains, recommended by a friend. At the age of sixteen another friend recommend I read ‘The Hobbit’ […]