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Tales of Three Planets Edgar Rice Burroughs

An unusual collection published long after Burroughs had died. It contains four tales. Jimber-Jaw was initially published in Argosy. The rest have a colourful history. My copy is the 1969 Edition published by Canaveral Press and illustrated by Roy G. Krenkel. “The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw” (1937) “Beyond the Farthest Star” (1942) “Tangor Returns” (1964) “The […]

The Black Book of Horror

The Black Book of Horror contains eighteen excursions on the night train to Hell. Its driver, Charles Black, has garnered a dreadful bunch of passengers. Dreadful, only in the sense that if you listen to their tales you are going to do a lot of dreading. These authors are the ones you don’t take home […]

The Seventh Black Book of Horror

Just reading the proofs for my story which will be included in The Seventh Black Book of Horror, edited by Charles Black. Not sure exactly when the new Black Book of Horror will be released but this is a tremendously exciting prospect given the high quality and positive critiques of the last volumes. More to […]

The Thinking Man’s Crumpet 3#

there is some eerie quality about Karataš’ work that defies analysis.

Filthy Creations 6#

As if the editor Rog Pile had nothing else to do but astound, this edition of Filthy Creations 6# begins the serialisation of two novels. Sendings by David A Riley and The Death Tableau by, yours truly, Craig Herbertson

Filthy Creations

Filthy Creations 6 edited by Rog Pile is now available. It’s a  superb looking publication and as well as a serialisation of ‘Sendings’  by the renowned D. A Riley includes a serialisation of my novel The Death Tableau. More of these to follow. Charles Black, D. F. Lewis, Stephen Bacon, Robert Mammone, Franklin Marsh, Colin […]

Fourth and Fifth Black Books of Horror

I’m grateful to David A.  Riley for pointing out that the fourth and fifth Black Books of Horror (editor Charles Black) had many honourable mentions in Ellen Datlow’s best horror of the year. Here are the authors mentioned: Herbertson, Craig “Leibniz’s Last Puzzle,” The Fifth Black Book of Horror. McGachey, Daniel M.“’And Still Those Screams […]