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Childe Rolande by Samantha Lee

I can only find one review for Samantha Lee’s Science Fiction novel ‘Childe Rolande’, which is surprising as it is astonishingly good on many levels. The accomplished Ursula K. Le Guin first broached the theme of androgyny in 1969 in The Left Hand of Darkness, a fascinating effort, instrumental in popularizing feminist fiction. The fact […]

Jack Vance

I have just read that Jack Vance has passed away – one of the greatest Science Fiction and fantasy writers of this and perhaps any century.  A terribly sad loss

Soap 7 review – over a decade late

The wonders of the internet. While trying to trace a pirate download of my SF story “Soap 7” I discovered that  it had a very favourable review in 1991. You can read it in the The Mouth of Sauron (III) June 1991 one of  the, now virtually defunct, zines of the time.

Reading of SF and Horror

English Books and Tea – Cologne’s English Book Shop Auf dem Rothenberg 9a Cologne, Germany 50667 February 9th 2012 I will read a few tales of horror and future fantastical events at a marvelous oasis of English books. Tea of all sorts provided by the famed Cologne photographer, Christian Potter.