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Buglass Family research

Buglass family tree, Sandilands, Coxson, Brown, Welsh, Brown, Fyffe, Elm Bar,

Ghosts and Scholars

G&S are running a competition: This is extracted direct form the website. New Competition Following the very satisfying level of interest in the “Merfield Hall/House” and “The Game of Bear” story competitions (for the texts of the winning entries, see recent Newsletters), I’d been considering the possibility of a third competition when Dan McGachey came […]

The loneliness of the long distance writer

Loneliness is defined as a strong sense of emptiness and solitude. It’s often used to describe being unwanted, and unimportant. As a writer its easy to fall into the trap of feeling unwanted because much of your writing is rejected and occasionally ridiculed. It’s equally easy to feel unimportant because, to be quite honest, most […]

The Thinking Man’s Crumpet 4#

‘The Thinking Man’s Crumpet’ is edited by Coral King. It was originally, set up as a small press magazine for emerging female talent but it seems that a similar metamorphosis has occurred that sociologists witness in school playgrounds. The boys fill up the available space while the girls sit in the corner. Fortunately, Anna Stephens […]

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