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School: The Seventh Silence republished

  The second edition of “School: The Seventh Silence” has been published by Evertype in a beautiful little paperback with Illustrations by Mathew Staunton and Aoife Staunton and is available directly from here

Politics, Contemporary News, Scotsmen Abroad, Brexit and all that Jazz

I maintain a discrete silence on politics, contemporary issues and all things modern – largely because my opinions are unclear, uninformed and unintelligible. Fortunately, a good pal has filled this breech with his enjoyable and erudite perspective on the world outside. Well worth a read:   Regiment  

School: The Seventh Silence to be republished

Well, that’s it. Still don’t know when but it is getting closer and closer. It will be followed by the sequel. Don’t know when though.

Buglass Family research

Buglass family tree, Sandilands, Coxson, Brown, Welsh, Brown, Fyffe, Elm Bar,

A Long Long Story

      I had been submitting stories in the hope of publication since around the age of sixteen. Initially, the only publisher I knew of was Pan Horror, whose address was somewhere within the pages of their books. (There was no convenient internet) I began taking records of these submissions in on the 12th […]

Jack Vance

I have just read that Jack Vance has passed away – one of the greatest Science Fiction and fantasy writers of this and perhaps any century.  A terribly sad loss