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Welcome to Heavenmakers, loosely named after my first mainstream publication, ‘The Heaven Maker’. This horror story appeared in the ’29th Pan Book of Horror Stories’ and the original was typed out on a mechanical desktop typewriter. These large metal edifices have been consigned to museums; perhaps they better make room for me there too.

Here I outline my published works and give some insights into my writing. I have a passion for music and for many years I’ve earned my bread as a traditional musician, mainly playing Scots, Irish and contemporary folk:  In the distant past – seems very distant now – I played Heavy Metal, which gave way to Punk, then Cosmic Rock.

University witnessed the demise of my youth, common-sense, cultural expectations and the Cosmic Rock. I played reggae, funk and, in an almost prophetically doomed manner, ended up on the streets in the old and disrespected trade of busking. All the while I was writing. At first it was science fiction  but in those troubled times the market was bad and so was I. I could  paper the walls with rejection slips. I nearly had to. I wrote some horror and now I write some more, hopefully better. I also write Gothic or dark fantasy and SF. I could say I write speculative fiction and I suppose I do but have never been terribly comfortable with this category and prefer to entertain rather than astound.

Perhaps the best way to judge if you might like to read my work is to know what I like and the kind of things I write about. You’ll find my tastes, predilections, reviews, observations and general babble if you look at the contents section on the right where you can select Heaven ,Hell or even Purgatory if you have only been mildly naughty. You can click also on the picture below and order School: the Seventh Silence as an e-book. The Heaven Maker & other Gruesome Tales is available here and from the usual sourcesThe Death tableau